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Why are Circuit Boards Green

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Have you ever wondered why circuit boards are green?? With current circuit boards, the top lay of the circuit board is known as the solder mask layer. The solder mask layer’s chosen color is green. Why green? What made electricians choose green? It all started because circuit boards used to be made of a glass-epoxy which appears green. Some of the very earliest boards   were made of Bakelite and appeared green with a brownish tint. (Think of the retro coke bottles, the glass appears to have a green tint.) While this is where it started, the green trend continued because it was discovered that green was easier on the eyes than other colors. When working with circuit boards, the green provides a needed contrast between the metal and wiring. Today, green is the standardized color for circuit boards, and almost all circuit boards follow this color code. Imagine trying to change the stop light colors from green, yellow and red to pink, orange, and blue. It would be a mess! Those colors have also been standardized. There is no purpose is changing the circuit board’s color because it would ultimately cause unneeded confusion. Now, you know the a little bit more about a piece of technology that permeates through our society. Circuit boards are used in all but the simplest electronic products.

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