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Payment Methods

PAYMENT METHODS: Credit Terms Weaver Electric accepts payment by cash, check, wire transfer or credit card. Credit terms are available with an approved credit application. If shipment is made on credit, unless otherwise expressly agreed, payment is due in full thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice. Customer agrees (i) to pay a finance charge at the annual rate of 18% on all past due amounts; (ii) the invoice shall constitute an evidence of customer's indebtedness to Weaver Electric for the purchase price and any finance charges due thereon; and (iii) to pay Weaver Electric's cost and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees, in attempting to collect such indebtedness. Sales Tax We are required to charge applicable state and local tax on all items, unless a tax exempt certification is provided prior to the sale. Taxes will not be refunded if exemption status is not on file prior to the sale. Out of state merchants are exempt from sales tax if they do not have a place of business in Colorado; however, they are subject to sales tax on orders shipped to locations within Colorado.

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